Pineco Studios was founded in the year of 2012 by me: Johan Lejdung. Originally the company allowed me to work on smaller, part-time design jobs. Mostly because I started working full-time as a Programmer during the same time. The experience from my full-time job and the evergrowing and more challenging jobs through Pineco Studios gave me a lot of experience. After circa 2 years of personal and professional growth I applied for Uppsala University, more specifically a bachelors degree in Computer Science. Today I'm almost done with my bachelors degree and I'm working hard on building the company and on the various projects I have. Below is an mini-presentation of the main areas I believe I can offer my services in.

With a history of both hobby and professional coding I've got a wide range of skills. I've coded everything from simulations of advance hardware to desktop applications, games and web platforms, both front and back end. I excel in languages such as; GO, Java, C++/C, PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript. But I also got knowledge of many other languages such as; C#, Haskell, Erlang. I can safely say that coding isn't a issue for me. Other than pure language skills I'm also well versatile in various web platforms and their respective API's.

I've always had a passion for graphical design and has spent time doing it since my early teens. Professionally I've been the main designer for both big and small products/projects. With work ranging from label and icon designs to UI design for desktop applications and web, I have a lot of experience in this field. I take my work very seriously and I always strive to challenge myself. I know my way around most, if not every, industry leading program used for graphical design. With these I can offer you conceptual or final designs, in vector or whatever other format requested.

Maintenance can sometimes be hard, especially on large projects. There is always new methods of doing things and things to look out for. I make sure to offer maintenance on the projects I work on. A lot of projects require a server nowadays and that server need to stay afloat. I manage this with both automatic and manual labor which backups, updates and monitors the activity on the server. I also offer to maintain and update previous code and designs, whether it was done by me or not.

For a costumer, support might be the most important aspect to consider when hiring someone. I know this all too well, this is why I put extra effort into maintaining a good relationship with my costumers. Since I personally work on my projects I know them by heart, this allows me to be extremely fast to respond to potential problems or questions. Important inquiries is taken care of right away.

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